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What are The State Requirements for Working as a Locksmith In Las Vegas?

Let’s face it, other than breaking down doors, locksmith are the only way we get to enter our houses, cars, offices and keep our property safe. Therefore, the importance of locksmiths cannot be underestimated. As a very sensitive profession that deals with security of people and their properties, it is only logical to have requirements or laws that govern locksmith operations. Knowing this, Las Vegas looks to ensure that all locksmiths are registered and licensed, as there has been a wave of unscrupulous people raising residents’ ire all over. These dealers usually manage to open your door only to jack up the initial price they had told you.

Las Vegas Locksmith Must Have Sheriff Card

That said every state has different requirements but more often than not, the difference is slight. To work as a locksmith in Las Vegas, one needs a sheriff card also known as a work card and a license. The requirements for getting a locksmith license in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas are similar though one needs to apply at each county’s registration office. Applicants need to have credentials and forms to prove their skills then undergo a full background check. The county’s sheriff investigates the applicant and issues the permit if their background is clean and if they are eligible according to the county’s board of commissioners adopted ordinance (which is used to guide the process).

Locksmith Las Vegas Temporary Permit:

One is usually issued with a temporary permit for 120 days which can be revoked should discrepancies arise. A permit/license holder is required to carry it always and should he/she change the principle place of business address, the law requires him to notify the county sheriff within 10 days after relocation.

If you are new to this state, you might wonder what the difference between work cards and licenses is; well work cards and driving licenses are similar in size while permits or licenses are larger. Work cards are issued to individuals who want to work in locksmith companies and permits are usually for locksmith companies. Compared to licenses, which take weeks before being issued, work cards issuance is relatively smooth as they are issued the same day you apply.

What Is The Process?

The process of applying and getting a sheriff card entails interviewing, photographing and fingerprints taking. One must have a signed referral slip from a prospective employer to apply for a work card something that does not factor in license application. Licenses on the other hand require intensive interviews and investigation by the sheriff and the county’s board of commissioners that is responsible for the locksmith industry. Work cards expire after five years after which you need to reapply while licenses are renewed yearly. Lastly, work cards are issued for one specific trade and should you decide to venture in other trades you need to apply for another. Licenses encompass slightly more branches in a trade.

That said weeding out crooks in Las Vegas’ locksmith industry requires effort from both clients and locksmiths. Always call licensed companies like Asap locksmiths to fix and install your home, car and office locks as this will push illegal dealers out of business and you will get excellent service and better value for money while staying safe.

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