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In a world where security continues to deteriorate by the day, it is important for everyone to do everything they can to ensure they as well as their property are safe. Calling a locksmith to install or upgrade locks in your house or car is advisable. However, as an individual, you can do more to ensure your safety. That said here are top security tips that will ensure you have peace of mind at all times.

Safe keep your keys

Remove keys from plain sight that is under the doormat, flowerpots, rocks or on top of the door. These are first places that burglars look as why struggle to break in while you could simply open the doors. It is best to leave your keys with trusted friends or neighbors and avoid leaving notes for repair people or other occupants, as they are a dead giveaway that nobody is at home. Change locks when you lose your keys and get a new set of keys and locks when you relocate. Remember to lock up the house/office or car when you leave.

Look through your house’s exterior

Checking the exterior helps to identify any points of access that burglars might have say broken windows, fences or ladders. As it might be hard to see some access points, plan to break into your house, as this will free your creativity making you think like a burglar. Have solid exterior doors preferably metal, wood or fiberglass and window grilles installed. The hinges should also be on the inside and landscaping done in a way that thieves are unable to hide behind trees or shrubs.

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolts are quite hard to pick compared to spring-latch locks and they send a clear message that you are serious about your assets. Spring locks are a playing field for “loiding” experts who only need to depress it and gain access. Deadbolts should however be an inch longer and the space between the frame and door should be minimal as larger spaces allow the use of a jimmy.

Keep dogs

No burglar likes attention and although dogs can be noisy, they usually manage to deter thieves. Unless it a business premise, opt for smaller dogs as they are easier to handle compared to trained ones.


Though there are thieves who are bent on stealing from you, there are also opportunists who decide to steal when they think no one is at home. Install light timers, which make it look like there are people at home. Sensor lighting is also very effective and will allow you help you safe access should you come at night.

Security alarms

Alarms are necessary have as there are stubborn thieves who might not be deterred by lights, dogs or strong doors. Always arm your house and change the home alarm code frequently to curb the risk of it being disarmed. You never know a burglar might be someone you know.

Lastly always call licensed locksmiths as crooks posing as locksmith might be rapists, sex offenders and even thieves which further jeopardizes your security as you don’t know where they are situated yet they have access to your home. Remember you are better off safe than sorry.

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