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Living Alone? 10 Security Tips for Single Living

May 4, 2016

10 Security Tips


At least a quarter of the population are single and living alone. When single, it is likely that you will constantly be on the go. This is because you are free to do what you want, when you want, without having to be accountable to anyone. Sounds great, doesn’t it? For the most part it is, but there is one essential aspect that you should be concerned with, and that is your security. Although you may typically have all the traditional security measures in place, such as excellent locks and alarms, without any additional eyes and ears on the ground, you need to take your security a step further. This article contains ten amazing tips that will make sure your mind is always at ease when it comes to keeping yourself and your belongings safe.

  1. Develop Relationships with Neighbours

When you are away from your home, you can still have eyes on the ground if you form an excellent relationship with your neighbours. They can let you know if anything seems amiss when you are not home, so that you can take immediate action to rectify the situation.

  1. Be Careful Online

As much as it may be tempting to share information with friends and family online, you should not that there are predators who are online as well. Therefore, avoid posting messages that say you are spending the night alone, or that you are planning to go away on a trip. Also, do not put up pictures of any high cost items that you have bought and are keeping in the home.

  1. Keep the Doors Locked

Most single people remember to lock their doors when they are leaving the home, but forget to lock their doors after they arrive back home. Keeping your doors locked at all times, whether you are at home or not, is an excellent way to deter intruders. When your doors are unlocked, someone can gain access into your home and attack you or hide for hours and steal from you when you go out.

  1. Find Yourself a House Sitter

As a single person, having to work out of town will keep you away from your home for a considerable amount of time. This means that someone who is watching your home will be able to tell whether there is someone in or not. To ensure that you are not targeted in this way, get yourself a house sitter. The house sitter will take care of your plants and pets, and will also ensure that your home appears to be lived in. This will deter those opportunistic burglars.

  1. Keep a Dog

In addition to being the best friend you never had, a dog will loyally protect you and your belongings, especially when you are not home. When a criminal has to consider what needs to be done to maneuver around tour dog, they are less likely to attack your property. You do not need to have the most dangerous dog around, you just need to have one which will bark when people come close.

  1. Install Motion Sensor Lights

If you have a yard or front porch, then it is likely that you have a light that you put on to increase your visibility at will, or which remains permanently on all night to act as a deterrent and enable you to have clear vision of what is happening all evening. Not only is this expensive, it is impractical as al you are doing is ensuring that the burglar can figure out ways to avoid the light. A motion sensor light would be more effective as it will immediately alert you when there is movement outside.

  1. Have Personal Emergency Response

This is a button that you have installed in your home. When you press it, you alert a security company or law enforcement service that you are in trouble so that they can send someone to your premises to help. This can be very useful when you injure yourself and cannot move or communicate well, or in case there is an intruder in your home and you do not want to alarm them.

  1. Video Surveillance

Have a video surveillance system installed in your home, and it should also have remote access so that you can view it from anywhere that you like. This is a system that will give you peace of mind, as you will be able to see what is happening within your home when you are away. With technology, you can also make sure that it connects to your smartphone, with an option to call the authorities in the event that you notice an intruder.

  1. Shut your Windows

Whether you are inside the house or outside, it is normal and often habitual for one to remember that they should keep the doors shut, however, the same does not normally apply for the windows. Criminals will often take advantage of an open window, and you would be surprised at the agility they may have to fit through a small space. Ensure that you have specialized locks for your windows, and if necessary, put a timer on your phone to remind you to shut them.

  • Listen to Your Gut

Your subconscious mind is very powerful, especially when it comes to your security. Have you ever come home and had a feeling that something is not right? Do you feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason in your home? This may be your subconscious telling you that there is someone who is intruding. Before you panic, turn on all your lights and go to a neighbor’s house until you feel better. If this is not an option, call the police and let them have a look around your premises.


With these measures in mind, you are bound to deter any intruders or people who would infringe on your space. Living alone should not mean living in fear. It just means you need to do a little extra planning to stay safe.