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Top 5 Safe Companies

May 4, 2016

Safe Companies


Whether you are an individual or a company, one of the most important things you can have in your possession to help you secure your belongings is a safe. For that purpose, it is always good to look at acquiring a new safe as an investment.

Safes are an investment that should not be taken lightly, as they help to provide security. Therefore, they should be treated in much the same way you would treat your home security system. The same amount of research and consideration should be put into buying a safe as it could mean a world of difference.

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Safe

Before you buy a safe, you will need to ask yourself a couple of questions so that you know what company or what type of safe you will need. For instance, how much steel does the safe contain? Different safes have different steel contents, and the steel content is essentially what will make it hard for a burglar to access the contents. The lower the steel content, the easier it will be to breach.

Another question you need to ask is what type of welds the safe uses. If you get a safe that has a spot weld rather than a continuous weld, then you are also giving up some security. Heat resistance is also very important, as burglars have been known to use blow torches and thermal lances to get into safes.

The type of bolt work that the safe contains is one of the most important things you can ask, as the deeper the bolts go into the frame, the more secure the safe will be. Also, the thickness the bolts, and whether they rotate will also affect security. Lastly, the warranty a company offers will show how much faith they have in their product. If you find a company that gives lifetime warranties then you should seriously consider them as it shows they have faith in their products.

  1. Fort Knox Vaults

Fort Knox is one of the most popular Safe companies in the US, and for good reason. They are known as trend setters and often set the standards that other companies have to follow. Their products come with lifetime warranty and all their safes are fully customizable. Prospective customers are allowed to view everything from the constitution of the doors to the safe’s fire resistance results.

However, there are no burglary resistance test results recorded on their website, making it difficult to determine how safe they truly are. Their safes also seem to have a gap around the edges that makes them susceptible to crowbar attacks. Despite these things, they are still some of the best safes you can get, and will prove to be one of the best investments you can make.

  1. Homeland Security Safes

Like Fort Knox Vaults, all Homeland Security safes are designed and manufactured in the US and come with a lifetime warranty, which goes to show how confident they are in their product. Their heat resistance ratings even for basic models are impressive, and the higher priced models perform better than most of the competition. Homeland Security Safes are made specifically to withstand crowbar attacks, making them even more ideal for storing your valuables.

These safes are fully customizable, and customer service agents will periodically send updates on the construction of your safe. These will include photos of the construction process which will help you make sure that all the design details that you asked for are added to the safe. The only downside is, just like Fort Knox, they do not give you a burglary resistance rating.

  1. American Security Company

American Security Company (AMSEC) is one of the most successful safe companies in America and produces all types of safes for both business and residential purposes. They have some of the most detailed and impressive heat resistant ratings online, and they are also one of the only companies that openly shares their burglary ratings, and how the tests were carried out, with their customers.

Being the open company that they are, you know that with every safe that they sell is going to be the best quality, regardless of price or security rating. The doors to their products fit very snugly into the bodies, helping to reduce the chances of crowbar attacks. The only downside to these products is that they are not customizable. However, the sheer range of products that they offer helps to negate this fact, as does the very clear warranty information that they provide on their website.

  1. Vault Pro

Vault pro is perhaps one of the lesser-known companies on this list, but that does not make their products any less desirable. For a start, all their safes are made in the US, and are created with some of the highest security standards around. They have some of the highest heat ratings on the market, and though they do not have any burglary ratings on their site, the manufacturing techniques they use must seriously enhance security.

The safes are fully customizable, and they will even customize the thickness and materials that the safes are made from. Every safe is constructed with continuous welds to further increase security and their warranty conditions are some of the most impressive on the market.

  1. Sturdy Safe Company

The Sturdy Safe Company is another company that is very open about how their products are designed and made. They have some of the most impressive burglary ratings on the market, and even demonstrate on their website how difficult it is to break into their products. Their heat resistant ratings are also through the roof, with one customer even stating that one of their safes survived a 1200°F fire for over 80 minutes, something that few other safes can attest to.

All Sturdy safes have high steel contents, with even the lowest end models having 6 or 7-gauge steel bodies. However, the steel content is nothing compared to the amount of stress that it can take, something else that they demonstrate in videos on their website. Best of all, every safe they make is manufactured in the US and comes with a lifetime warranty. Click here for safe installation